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Synosis & Suffle Meme: Harry Judd, Dianna Agron, Ed Westwick and Nikki Reed - asked by nocomicbook.
Song: OneRepublic → Tyrant

When four yeas ago, agent Eva Mitchell (Reed) was transferred to the new Agency branch at England to train a young group of skilled wannabe agents, she never thought she would engage in such a relationship as the one she had with William Acker (Judd). Their complementary personalities was enough for the Agency to set them as partners and for them to become best friends and long-lost brother and sister. After closing another regular investigation and coming closer to that promotion that Eva desired so much, they’re caught in a new case that may change everything, from their professional prospects to their beloved friendship. Among all their suspects is Ethan (Westwick), a sympathetic but mischievous man who never fails to be at the wrong place in the right time. He collides with Eva from second one and while she tries as hard as she can to show William how dangerous Ethan probably is, her friend seems to be hypnotised by sweet Ella (Agron). The kind and lovable girl also happens to have a lot of conexions with the case and William can’t help but get envolved and focus on proving her innocence. As Eva fights to demonstrate Ethan’s bad circumstances and William struggles to find evidences on Ella’s good heart, they discover nothing is as it seems or looks. Are they capable of releasing themselves - or each other - from the blindfolds they not only created but believed enough at the point of not trusting one another anymore?

And it feels, so real, from outside looking it.

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